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Op.51 Berceuse   Oboe & piano Vanderbeek
Op.52 SYMPHONY No.3 ‘Sinfonia Borealis’   Orchestra Comus Edition
Op.53 Aubade   Flute & piano Boosey & Hawkes
Op.54 Fanfare & Berceuse   Trumpet & piano Boosey & Hawkes
Op.55 Five Part Songs   Male voice choir Ms.
Op.56 Ludwigstanz 6' Recreation for six clarinets Comus Edition
Op.57 Nightflight - Symphonic study   Brass band Chester
Op.58 VIOLIN CONCERTO   Violin & orchestra Ms.
Op.59 A Gabriel Sonata   Trumpet & organ Comus Edition
Op.60 Hunter’s Moon - Three songs   Male voices choir & piano Ms.
Op.61 The Owl & the Pussy Cat   Chorus, jazz group & brass band Ms.
Op.62 September Morn - Symphonic study   Large orchestra Comus Edition
Op.63 Nex Vulpinus (The Fox)   String orchestra Comus Edition
Op.64 Flamboyance   Trumpet & piano Vanderbeek
Op.65 Variations on a theme of Schubert   School orchestr Comus Edition
Op.66 Mancunian Way - March   for large Wind band Ms.
Op.67 Leprechauns   2 oboes & cor angl Spartan Press
Op.68 Beowulf   String orchestra Comus Edition
Op.69 Héjnal   Trumpet & piano Forsyth
Op.70     Mixed ensemble Ms.
Op.71a Winter Music   Brass band Molenaar
Op.71b Winter Music   Wind band Molenaar
Op.72 SYMPHONY No.4 (1986)   Orchestra Comus Edition
Op.73 PIANO TRIO No.1 21' Violin, cello & piano Comus Edition
Op.74 Sonatina   Violin & piano Vanderbeek
Op.75 Tundra - Suite   Large wind orchestra/band Vanderbeek
Op.76 Odin – From the Land of Fire and Ice   Brass band Smith & Co.
Op.77 Summer Music (Bassoon Concerto)   Bassoon & orchestra Comus Edition
Op.78 Viola Sonata   Viola & piano Comus Edition
Op.79 Five Easy Pieces for Brass instruments     Brass Wind
Op.80 Scherzo & Canzona   Bass trombone & brass band Ms.
Op.81 Three Knightly Pieces   Trumpet & piano Brass Wind
Op.82 VIOLA CONCERTO   Viola & orchestra Comus Edition
Op.83 Keynotes for Brass Instruments     Brass Wind
Op.84 Kendal Clock     Ms.
Op.85 Sinfonia for Brass ‘Maoriana’   Brass band Comus Edition
Op.86 Paean   Brass band Comus Edition
Op.87 Passacaglia on a Theme of Brahms   Brass band Comus Edition
Op.88 Northern Light - Symphonic study   Large orchestra Ms.
Op.89 Partita   Euphoniuym & piano Comus Edition
Op.90 Solent Forts - Concert Overture   Large orchestra Ms.
Op.91 Quartet for Brass   2 cornets, tenor horn, euph Ms
Op.92 Suivez la Raison - Concert March   Brass band Ms.
Op.93a TRUMPET CONCERTO ‘alla Veneziana’   Trumpet & brass band Comus Edition
Op.93b TRUMPET CONCERTO ‘alla Veneziana’   Trumpet & orchestra Comus Edition
Op.94 The Great Frost – ‘Orlando’   Narrator & orchestra Ms.
Op.95 Piano Quintet (Symphonic Variations)     Ms.
Op.96 Mancunians (Hallé commission)   Large orchestra & brass band Comus Edition
Op.97 Ragnorök. Concert Overture   Orchestra Comus Edition
Op.98 CELLO CONCERTO   Cello & orchestra Comus Edition
Op.99 Wedding Music (1996) 4' Trumpet & organ Comus Edition
Op.100 STRING QUARTET (1997)     Comus Edition
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