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Op.1 Now on Land and Sea Descending 8' Contralto & orchestra Hinrichsen
Op.2 Organ Partita on a German Chorale   Organ Comus Edition
Op.3 Three German Folk Songs   Tenor & piano Ms.
Op.4 Four Nocturnal Songs   Soprano & piano Comus Edition
Op.5 Oboe Sonata (1947)   Oboe & piano Comus Edition
Op.6 Trio   Oboe, clarinet & bassoon Ms.
Op.7 Modal Suite   Fl, cl, Bn, tpt, vln, vla & vlc Ms.
Op.8 Suite for String Orchestra 22' String Orchestra Hinrichsen
Op.9 Sinfonietta 19' Orchestra Hinrichsen
Op.10 Lakeland Summer Nights (1949)   Piano Comus Edition
Op.11 Legend   Small Orchestra Hinrichsen
Op.12 Romanza 9' Horn & string quartet/pno/orch Peters Edition
Op.13 Suite   Viola & cello Ms.
Op.14 An Exmoor Suite   Brass Band Comus Edition
Op.15 SYMPHONY No.1 (1957) 37' Orchestra Hinrichsen
Op.16 Sextet   Wind & piano Spartan Press
Op.17a The Path across the Moors 5' Orchestra Comus Edition
Op.17b The Path across the Moors 5' Brass band Peters Edition
Op.18 Three Nocturnes - Northern Summer Nights 16' Orchestra Peters Edition
Op.19 Scherzo for Brass quartet     Ms.
Op.20 Three Dialogues   Two treble instruments Ms.
Op.21 The Quiet Tarn (Malham) 4' Orchestra Peters Edition
Op.22 The Green Wind (Le Vent Vert) 6' Orchestra Peters Edition
Op.23 Legend 11'' Small Orchestra Peters Edition
Op.24a A Dales Suite (Embsay) 11' Brass band Peters Edition
Op.24b A Dales Suite (Embsay) 11' Orchestra Ms.
Op.25 SYMPHONY No.2 (1965)   Orchestra Chester
Op.26 The Moors   Suite for large orchestra & organ Comus Edition
Op.27 Concertante   2 obs, 2 hns & strings Novello
Op.28 Trio for Brass     EMI Music
Op.29 The Journey of the Kings   Music for a school play Ms.
Op.30 The Castle of Perseverance   Music for a school play Ms.
Op.31 The Warmongers   Television documentary, 1966 Ms.
Op.32 A Moorland Symphony   Bass solo, chorus & orch Ms.
Op.33 ORGAN CONCERTO   Organ, percussion & strings Comus Edition
Op.34 Italian Journey (Roma, Ravella, Rimini)   Orchestra Comus Edition
Op.35 Duo Concertante   Oboe, harpsichord & stgs Ms.
Op.36 Three Impressions for Brass band     EMI Music
Op.37 Creatures of the Night   Music for a children’s ballet Comus Edition
Op.38 The Night Wind   Soprano, clarinet & piano/orch Chester
Op.39 Ballad for Brass band     Peters Edition
Op.40 From the Four Winds
‘Horologion Andronicus’
  Large orchestra & organ Ms.
Op.41 Trains in the Distance   Speaker, tape, chor & orch. Ms
Op.42 Gigues, Scherzo for orchestra     Vanderbeek
Op.43 Blenheim, Heroic Overture   Brass band Smith & Co.
Op.44 St. Gertrude, processional   Brass band Novello
Op.45 Revelation, Concert March   Brass band EMI Music
Op.46 A Triton Suite   3 tpts, 3 trbs & tuba Alphonse Leduc
Op.47 Sonata for Double bass & piano     Comus Edition
Op.48 Pageantry   Orchestra Ms. (Withdrawn)
Op.49 Ancient Sorceries   C-tenor, recorder & hpscd Comus Edition
Op.50 Caliban, Scherzo malevolo   Brass band Smith & Co.
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