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097a The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba George Frideric Handel
  Six (or more) violas arranged by Michael Dennison    
    If more than six violas are available, it is suggested that violas 1 & 2 remain as solo instruments, whilst violas 3 - 6 form a ‘ripieno’ band.

Duration 3-4 minutes

    ISMN M708017-95-0 097a    Sc. & double set of parts 097p    Extra set of 6 parts
£ 2.95
098 L'Arlesienne (Suite No.1) Georges Bizet  
  Prélude - Minuetto - Adagietto - Carillon arranged by Michael Dennison
  Seven (or more) violas        
    Even if you do not intend to perform this work, your ensemble will certainly enjoy playing it. [Michael Videluch, 2005] - see review.

Duration 17-18 minutes

    ISMN M708017-98-1 098     Score and set of 7 parts 098p   Extra set of 7 parts
118 Tri John Hawkins  
  Six violas  
    Three linked pieces all based on the number 3: triads, tritones, triplets and so on. The first piece was written in 2007 for the Spanish Academia Internacional di Musica di Solsona at the suggestion of the violist Paul Silverthorne. The composer 'so liked the sound of six violas' that he added two more pieces.

Click on the cover to view sample pages.

Duration 9 -10 minutes
    ISMN M708027-63-8 118     Score and set of 6 parts £14.50    
114 Night in May & The Swan Selim Palmgren  
  Six (or more) violas arranged by Simon Rowland-Jones

Two evocative piano miniatures by the Finnish composer, Selim Palmgren, imaginatively arranged for six-part viola ensemble by Simon Rowland-Jones.

Duration 1-2 minutes each

    ISMN M708017-94-3 114 Sc. and double set of parts £14.50    
129 Renata – Da Capo Kenneth Harding Top
  Ten solo violas      

Completed in 1987, this is one of Harding”s later works for viola ensemble in which he reflects on "over sixty years of delightful experience as a viola player …". Richly textured with occasional references to some of his favourite composers.

Duration 10-11 minutes

    ISMN M708027-38-6 129     Sc. and set of 10 parts £15.90    
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