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029 Ragtime Dance Scott Joplin Saxophone
  CLICK to open Four B flat clarinets   arranged by Terry Kenny    
    As with all Terry Kenny's quartet arrangements, the musical interest in this popular Joplin Rag is well distributed between the parts.

Duration c.4 mins (with all repeats)

    ISMN M708017-29-5 Score and 4 parts £ 9.50    
028 Ballet Music from ‘William Tell’ Gioacchino Rossini  
  Four B flat clarinets   arranged by Terry Kenny  
    A varied medley of dances from Acts I and III of the opera. The selection includes the ‘Tyrolean Dance’ and ‘Soldiers March’.

Duration c.12 mins (with all repeats)

    ISMN M708017-28-8 Score and 4 parts £ 11.40    
027 Two Dances from ‘The Bartered Bride’ Bedrich Smetana  
  Four B flat clarinets   arranged by Terry Kenny  
    An arrangement of the well known Polka and Furiant (Dance of the Comedians) from Smetana's opera. This is an effective ensemble piece providing the four players (Grade V-VI) with interesting parts they will enjoy playing.

Total duration c. 10-12 minutes

    SMN M708017-27-1 Score and 4 parts £ 11.40    
130 Andante Cantabile (from String Quartet No.1 in D) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky    
  Four B flat clarinets   arranged by Terry Kenny    
    Tchaikovsky composed his first string quartet in 1871, and the melancholic Andante Cantabile which forms the second movement immediately became popular.      
    Total duration c. 5-6 minutes          
    ISMN M708017-32-4 Score and 4 parts £11.40    
  005 Five English Postcards Paul Carr  
  Summer Parade – Tea - Village Dance - Sunday Afternoon - Celebration
  CLICK to open Three B flat clarinets and bass clarinet      
    An engaging set of miniatures written for the Thurston Clarinet Quartet in 1993. One of a series of 'Postcard' collections from Paul Carr. See also his wind quintet 'Occasional Postcards'.      
    Total duration c. 7-8 minutes        
    ISMN M708017-05-9 Score and 4 parts £14.40    
A series of popular titles arranged for clarinet quartet by Gareth Brady      
  Three Bb clarinets and bass clarinet/4th Bb clarinet    
    050 The Little Negro Claude Debussy £ 7.95  
    051 Minstrels Claude Debussy £ 7.95  
    053 Melody of Love Hans Engelman £ 7.95  
    054 Yesterday Lennon & McCartney £ 7.95  
    057 Misty Errol Garner £ 7.95  
  Three Bb clarinets and bass clarinet / 4th A clarinet    
    056 Send in the Clowns Stephen Sondheim £ 7.95  
058 Three Preludes George Gershwin (Brady)  
  Clarinet Quartet      
    Three popular Piano Preludes of Gershwin very effectively arranged by Gareth Brady using the full range of the clarinet family.      
    Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Clarinet in Eb
Clarinet in Bb doubling A
Clarinet in Bb doubling A
Bass Clarinet
    ISPartMN M708017-58-5 Score and 4 parts £ 9.95    
052 Serenade in C WA Mozart (Kenny)  
  Allegro - Larghetto - Minuet & Trio - Adagio - Rondo  
  Three Bb clarinets and bass clarinet/4th Bb clarinet      
    Five movements from the Divertimento for 3 basset horns, K.Anh.229 (439b).      
    Total duration c.12-15 minutes        
    ISMN M708017-52-3 Score and 5 parts £ 11.80    
031 Dances from ‘Terpsichore’ Michael Praetorius (Kenny) Top of page
  Ballet – Spring Dance (Courante) - Dance of the Cockerel - The Windmill (Courante) - Gavotte
  CLICK to open Saxophone Quartet            
    Five dances from the set of Italian and French dances collected by Praetorius and published in 1612.      
    Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Either alto or tenor
Either alto or tenor
    ISMN M708017-31-8 Score and 6 parts £ 9.45    
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