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039 Three Polish Dances   Traditional  
  Cracovienne, Tamara and Trepak   arranged by Terry Kenny  
  A pair of saxophones, clarinets or oboes      
    Three attractive dances which are great fun to play.

They may be performed by 2 equal saxs, or alto sax with tenor playing from the additional transposed 2nd part. This could also apply to Eb and Bb clarinets playing together.

    ISMN M708017-39-4 039 Playing score & part £ 6.50    
037 Viennese Sonata WA Mozart  
  Woodwind Trio   arranged by Terry Kenny  
    Three short movements arranged for three (or more) clarinets, or mixed woodwind instruments. Multiple parts can be supplied to order.      
      PART 1 in C
PART 1 in Bb
PART 2 in C
PART 2 in Bb
PART 3 in Bb
PART 3 in C (bass)
    ISMN M708017-37-0 037 Score and 6 parts £11.80    
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