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088 Gestures John Hawkins
  Viola duo    
    The gestures are intended to be dramatic and the protaganists evenly matched.

The hardcover folder contains three fold out pages for each player while overleaf the score is set out in full as a quick and easy reference.

Duration c. 5 minutes
    ISMN M708027-88-1 088 Two parts £11.70    
070 At Two John Hawkins

Viola duo    

This is a virtuoso piece for two violas in two movements. It was written for violists Peter Mallinson and Matthias Wiesner who have recorded the work for their next CD which is to be released by Meridian.
The title 'At Two' comes from Woody Allen’s famous jibe ‘I am at two with nature’.

The music is available as a printed score for the two players and a landscape digital version for iPad score reader app is available. Because of the importance of 'page turns' for string players in this piece we suggest you may wish to consider the iPad version if you already use an iPad score reader. Not all iPad apps are compatible. Please Email Us

If you use already us an iPad score reader app and would like more information about the possibly of other titles in the catalogue, we would be pleased to hear from you.


Duration c.8 mins.

  ISMN M708027-70-6
iPad score
Score 8pp.
£ 12.95
074 Variations on a Passacaglia of Handel arr. Lionel Tertis  
  Viola duo  
  A set of bravura variations on Handel’s well known theme. Not for the faint hearted. This is the original version performed by Lionel Tertis and William Primrose at the Hyde Park Hotel, London, on 5 October 1935.

Duration c. 11-12 minutes

  ISMN M708027-74-4 074 Score and 2 parts £ 9.50    
081 Waiting (Tango) John Hawkins
  Viola and double bass duo  
  “… lovely chamber music writing with some moderate technical and musical challenges for both players. …”
- Steve Larson (see reviews)

Parts are provided in score format with an additional viola part to accomodate a bass in solo tuning if required.

Duration c. 4 minutes
  ISMN M708027-81-2 081 3 Playing Scores £10.95    
080 Three Sonatas Domenico Scarlatti Top
  Viola and double bass duo arr. Paul Silverthorne
  A stimulating arrangement of three of Scarlatti’s keyboard sonatas (Kp.278 in D, Kp.427 in G, and Kp.537 in A). “Written for nimble-fingered harpsichordists, and originally titled, con Velocita, presto and prestissimo, a more moderate tempo might be forgiven for slower, dignified invertebrates such as these two instruments.” [Mary Nemet] See review…

Parts are provided in score format for viola and double bass (orchestral tuning only).

ISMN M708027-80-5 2 Playing Scores £11.95  
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